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YC03 Wuyishan Rougui

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Product Description

Chinese: wǔ yí shān ròu guì(武夷山肉桂)

Translation: Wuyishan Rougui

Type: YanCha(Rock Tea)

Cultivar: Rougui

Pluck: bud and three leaves

Origin: Wuyishan Scenic Area, Fujian, China

Harvest date: 05/22/2016

Processing Style: Follow the traditional manual practices,first heavy roasted once using using a high heat charcoal fire., then lightly roasted once using using a low heat charcoal fire.

Storage Methods: Sealed, Prevent moisture, Vacuum, Alone

Brewing ParametersIt is best to use mountain spring water, than the use of tap water brewed rougui with rock flavor. The best use of Zisha teapot, because the Zisha teapot to the aroma of rougui bones emanate. In general, with 8 grams of tea, but also depends on the number of people, tea less taste will be light, more will be too thick. Its bubble water must be 100 degrees of boiling water, so that the aroma of rougui can really bubble out. Rougui the time can be stuffy according to their taste may be, if you want to drink tea can stuffy longer time, but they can not stuffy too long.

    Wuyishan Zhengyan tea refers to Wuyishan in the growth environment of good rock produced Wuyi rock tea, "three pit two streams" is the representative of the rock producing areas as "HuiYuan Keng, Niulan Keng, Daoshui Keng, Liuxiang Jian and Wuyuan Jian", soil permeability is good, potassium and manganese content is high, moderate acidity, tea rock rhyme obvious. The main origin of Zhengyan is Tianxinyan, Matouyan, Huiyuan, Zhuke, Bishi, Yanzike, Jiulongke, Yuchayuan, Yuhuadong, Shuiliandong, Foguo, Taohuadong, Guilin, Sanyangfeng etc. Its rock valley cliff, shading conditions are good, summer sunshine short, winter blocking the cold wind, temperature difference is small.

    Also known as yugui due to its cinnamon fragrance. Rougui tea (after processed) has the following characteristics: tidy, curly, deep green and brilliant leaf, etc.. Dry tea smells a little sweet, but tea soap which is clear and orange yellow has a mixed fragrance of cream, flower, fruit, and cinnamon. It tastes sweet and mellow, and when you sip a bit, you’ll feel the aroma stay for a long time in your teeth and throat. The leaves in tea soap are light green inside and red around, as well as brilliant. There has left odd fragrance when the tea is made even four or five times. 

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