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Our Tea Garden

    Looking around, distant mountains, near a block of different shapes, vicinity piece shapes different sizes of ribbon tea in the blue sky against the background, it is very seductive, they layer upon layer, the level of patchwork, a dirt road from the edge through the ridge, this is our tea garden. The soil is completely organic history without pesticide residues and organic soil, after the authoritative soil analysis and identification, from the source to ensure organic. In the selection of tea varieties, our Tieguanyin is more expensive red bud Tieguanyin, buds into the water, you can smell the carambola-like fragrance.

    A piece of green tea garden, they are shining in the hot sunshine, as if many small diamonds embedded in the teabush among the sparkling.

    Here an altitude of 950 m ~1280 m have a complete, large-scale tea garden.There are rich ecological resources, a radius of tens of kilometers without any pollution, four distinct seasons, the average annual rainfall of 1800mm ~ 2000mm.Because of the warm and moist climate, sooner or later can be covered by mist, can reduce the tea leaves contains catechins such as bitter components,  and improve the tea contains theanine and soluble nitrogen and other beneficial human ingredient.

    Tea garden surrounded by trees, grass, flowers, fruit. Main road, tractor-plowing road, pedestrian road road interlinked. Bamboo ditch, flood discharge ditch, reservoir ring connected. TO achieve: in the light rain, the water will not overflow the tea garden, the heavy rain will not break the tea garden, the dry day can wate. TO achieve at the tea garden:there is ridge in front, there is ditch behind, there is grass wall. Achieve: water conservation, soil conservation, fertilizer conservation.

   In the tea planting period, with artificial weeding, eliminate the use of herbicides; the use of fertilizers, are certified organic fertilizer, to eliminate the residue of heavy metals; to use biological control pest control technology, tea area stocking oriole, predatory mites, use Armyworm board, building an independent ecological environment so that pests can not survive, to eliminate the use of pesticides in tea growing areas, and through artificial picking to achieve ecological management and protection. If you stay there, you can smell the fresh taste, green full the eyes.

    Life is like the course of tea, in the most beautiful moments were picked, after painful rolling, hot baking, just to meet the last stretch. Land, social commitment; tea man, retain nature and seeking truth; health is the most precious gift of land to tea man; let tea from the mountain to the clouds, is to return to the nature of tea, let health seeing is believing. From the source to grasp the quality of tea, is the best attitude to customers.

    Tea in the mountains, mountains in the tea. Hillside built tea garden, the low tea bush has become the most beautiful scenery of this mountain. 

 A cup of tea world, a legend tea leaf, a group of people's story

    MoriMa originated in the pursuit of natural primitive aesthetics, fusion of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism cultural spirit, follow the way of nature, enlightenment Zen cultural wisdom, sense of harmony between man and nature. Mori Ma -- China Fujian tea culture communication brand.

    Fujian is the hometown of Oolong tea, which has a long history. According to historical records, Fujian in the Jin Dynasty before the start of the production of tea, early in the year 376 in Fujian Nanan County town of Feng Zhou appeared on the tea records of the "lotus tea Lapel" stone. Because of its superior natural conditions, richly endowed by nature and human factors make Fujian become China's tea varieties most resource rich provinces, six kinds of tea, there are four types of production in Fujian......

    A landscape livable ecological town, when the artist met the tea, a beautiful story began...

    MoriMa strictly control the quality of tea, tea culture and aesthetics to promote tea culture...

A tea man

    Year 2014, Ivan Lim with the dream of promoting Chinese tea culture to the people of the world, he say " We put the cultural and creative, cultural transmission, cultural industries, and other aspects of tea industry combined. So that more people realize that tea is not just ordinary consumer goods, but also a representative of the essence of traditional Chinese culture, an important cultural products". The Chinese tea and Chinese tea culture spread out has been his dream ...

An artist

    John Zhang is an elegant appearance and capable young man, creative unrestrained, pursue the ultimate art. in a tea culture exchange to know Ivan, and know the tea, since then deeply in love with tea...

A traveler

    Daniel Cai like to see the sunrise and sunset, see the flowers in full bloom, see the butterflies fly, like to record life bit by bit! His footsteps from Hainan to the Potala Palace, from domestic to foreign countries. During the journey, deeply in love with tea, get out of hand...

    When the tea man, artists, travelers fall in love with tea

    Because tea, artists, travelers, tea man began a good brotherhood, and promote the birth of MORIMA brand. The artist's vision is always striving for perfection, traveler have a pair of good eyes to discovering beautiful,Tea man for quality are always strict harsh. Art and tea, produce the perfect collision ...

About MoriMa

     "Constant dripping wears away a stone, was not built in a day". MoriMa in the "people-oriented, truth-seeking really, advancing with the times, the customer first, contributing to society" under the guidance of entrepreneurial spirit, with strong technical strength, high-quality workforce, traditional production technology, modern production equipment combined, so that we can stable supply of excellent quality and preferential prices to meet the different needs of customers; "Natural, green, health, safety" as the dominant, constantly enrich the connotation of the product, committed to first-class product development, production, towards the regional brand - national brand - the goal of the world brand growth, effort to build MoriMa brand.

    "MoriMa"(Chinese name"森玛") implied meaning "Forest on the ground, Mayan heritage", "森" on behalf of many,  take "a lot of trees to form a forest stand in the earth" meaning, the extension of meaning is "It takes ten years to grow trees but a hundred years to rear people". "玛" on behalf of the natural, harmonious environment, the pursuit of happiness and hope.

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