OT01 White Buds Chelan

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Oolong Tea White Buds Chelan

Chinese: bái yá qí lán(白芽奇兰)

Translation: White buds chelan tea

Type: Roasted Oolong

Cultivar: White buds chelan

Origin: Pinghe, Zhangzhou, Fujian

Harvest date: 10/18/2016

Storage Methods: Sealed, Prevent moisture, Vacuum, Alone

Shelf life: 18 months

What's the White buds Chelan tea?

White buds Chelan tea appearance tight knot Leveling, oily green color, aroma GAO lasting, fragrant orchid, mellow taste, heavy and mellow sweet, clear, bright apricot soup, soft leaf base fertilizer. Dry white buds Chelan tea sniff to smell the fragrance, orchid fragrance after brewing more prominent, which is white buds Chelan features.

According to legend, the Ming Chenghua years, Zhang Kai King Seong Yuanguang twenty-eighth-generation grandson Chen Yuan and find a peaceful tea in Fujian Province, because green bud tip was white with orchid fragrance, named "white buds Chelan tea" .Years later, Chelan white tea buds become Fujian Pinghe agricultural sector technicians from the local population varieties of tea plant breeding success of rare Chinese oolong tea new varieties.

Peaceful white buds Chelan tea granules

From the early beginning of the 1990s,white buds Chelan tea quickly from "hidden in purdah did not know", jumped legendary. Today, it is the largest tea cultivation area of Zhangzhou varieties, and Tie Guan Yin, Wuyi, North Fujian narcissus, Yongchun bergamot tea together among the five famous Fujian ranks. In the calm, white buds Chelan tea planted one hundred thousand acres, the annual output of over 8,000 tons, the output value of five hundred fifty million yuan, exported to Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and Japan, the EU, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions. Especially in today's global financial crisis, white buds Chelan tea prices have not encountered problems and slow-moving, but contrarian strong sales, orders overwhelmed since the spring of this year, sales increased by ten percent over last year.

Because white tea buds Chelan origin of 800 meters above sea level, tea fewer pests and diseases without the use of pesticides. When making use of traditional Chinese craftsmanship, both in line with people's drinking habits, but also the role of health care, in line with the requirements of the international market for organic tea. Thus, in recent years, white buds Chelan tea sold in Japan and the European Union and other countries, subject to foreign customers welcome.