BT02 JinJunMei tea

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Wuyishan JinJunMei Black Tea TongMuGuan

Chinese: wǔ yí shān jīn jùn méi (武夷山金骏眉)

Translation: Wuyishan JinJunMei

Type: Black Tea

Cultivar: Lapsang souchong

Picking: one bud one leaf or one bud two leaves

Origin: Tongmuguan, Wuyi, Jinjunmei

Harvest date: 5/24/2016

Storage Methods: Sealed, Prevent moisture, Vacuum, Alone

Description: (From Wikipedia)

Jin Jun Mei (simplified Chinese: 金骏眉; traditional Chinese: 金駿眉; pinyin: jīn jùn méi; literally: "golden beautiful eyebrow", pronounced [tɕín tɕŷn měi]) is a lapsang souchong black tea from Wuyishan City, Fujian Province, China. It is made from two small shoots[clarification needed] plucked in early spring from the plant's stem which are subsequently fully oxidised and then smoked to giving a tea that has a sweet, fruity and flowery flavour with a long lasting sweet after-taste. The brew is bright reddish in colour.


Wuyishan JinJunMei

Wuyishan JinJunMei

Wuyishan JinJunMei

Wuyishan JinJunMei

Wuyishan JinJunMei